Visual Analysis Essay

Topics: Great Depression, Dorothea Lange, Florence Owens Thompson Pages: 2 (923 words) Published: October 28, 2014

“Migrant Mother”- A Picture Worth a Thousand of wordsDorothea Lange’s photograph, known as Migrant Mother, was taken in 1936 during the great depression era which emphasizes a woman, Florence Leona Christie. She holds a baby in her lap as her other two youngsters group around her. The mother's face is the core of the picture. Her fingertips are simply touching her face as she is thinking of something. The youngsters settle close to their mother and lean their heads on her shoulder and back yet there countenances are confronting far from the camera. The baby is wrapped around in a blanket and has all the earmarks of being sleeping. The youngsters' apparels have gaps in the sleeves and the sleeves on the mother's sweater are torn toward the end. The mother's face is lit up rather than the dimness of her hair. This light underlines the declaration all over. Her face is wrinkly and dusty. The points of interest in this photo are extremely unique and imperative to the general elucidation of the picture. This image portrays composition, contrast, and lighting which conveys an incredible message that can't simply be uncovered by looking at it. At the point when seeing the photograph overall, there are sure peculiarities that make this structure engaging the eyes. The composition is a great significant in this picture and Dorothea Lange integrate composition by unobtrusively demonstrating the folds of the tent indicating the mother. Likewise the arm of the mother is paving the way to her. Which additionally appears to demonstrate that the mother is a big cheese. We can help this by taking a glance at the two kids that are inclining toward her shoulder and the child edge towards her too. Since this picture was that in the period when the Great Depression happened. This explicitly represents the one of the normal for the picture is harmony. If we look closely then we could see that this photograph is made out of triangles. The best triangle is formed by the mother and...

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