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On saturday, myself along with 3 of my friends went to an orphanage in Dapodi, Pune. It is located in a slum-like area and run by Mrs Tulve who started it in 2000. On reaching there we had a discussion with Tulve Kaku (or simply Kaku now onwards).  The story goes like this in her words-

"I was in affection with orphan kids from times even before starting the orphanage. Once I saw a small orphan girl raped by somebody and the girl was left on road with her pains. I rushed that girl to hospital but she died in a few days. I was shocked to see this. Then I came across 3 orphan kids and asked an existing orphanage if they could admit the kids. The orphanage refused to admit the girls because girls are needed to be provided with extra social security. I found this weird because that is what purpose of an orphanage is. 

So I decided to start an orphanage myself with these 3 kids in the year 2000. I registered it with few other ladies from my colony. Later on, looking at the responsibilities, the rest of the ladies left the work, but I couldn't and didn't want to. I had few conflicts with my family initially but later on my family not only accepted it but encouraged me and started contributing to my work.

There are always days of problems ahead us. We had few funds and ourselves not being from elite class, we had to manage our expenses and expenses of the orphanage from my husband's salary at times. In October, I got one more shock. My husband (aged around 45-50) expired in October 2008. It is hard to see him not here with us, but I have to go ahead with my kids."

One might feel that only money is the major problem for running an orphanage. But there is a huge list of problems. There are kids of all age, even some of the kids are brought into the orphanage the very day they were born. To grow up these kids, to look after their education, their eating habits, nourish them emotionally is not an easy task. Also, the distant relatives of the kids rise all of a...
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