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Two Place to Take a Visitor to Seattle
Seattle is a beautiful city that attracts thousands of people come to visit each year. It is surrounded by forests, water and snowy mountains. The weather in Seattle is very mild. Summer is not too hot, and winter is not too cold. Seattle has become a major cultural center for architecture, cuisine and exquisite art. Driving from downtown visitors can join many activities such as fishing, boating and mountain climbing. Beside this, Seattle is also the home of many huge companies such as Microsoft, Starbuck Coffee, Amazon, and Boeing. Obviously, Seattle has plenty of great places to visit. The Space Needle and the Washington State Ferries are my favorite place to visit. First of all, the Space Needle is one of my favorite place that I want to take a visitor to Seattle, because it is a tower in Washington State and a major landmark of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, and a symbol of Seattle. Ride up in the elevator is very cool, as you are able to see everything through a big glass window. Beside this, inside the Space Needle is the Observation Deck, which is on the very top floor. The second floor of the Space Needle is a restaurant that has a lot of delicious food to eat. Skycity is one of the best restaurant at the Space Needle. Skycity is open for lunch, dinner, and Saturday and Sunday brunch. At Skycity, you can get a drink with unlimited refills, an appetizer to share( bagels, crab dip, olives, pineapple, grapes, prosciutto, ect.), an entrée, and a delicious fattening dessert. As for the entrees, they had shushi grade ahi tuna, salmon, egg, ect. For dessert, you can choose from apple tarts, brownies, or cheesecake. Finally the “Space Base”, the base of the Space Needle, is an overpriced gift shop with some cool items....
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