Vision Quest

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Its my first time to walk alone, in first 30 minutes in doing my vision quest there is a little harder it my part mostly in my mind, because while I am walking my childhood experience flashback in my mind, seriously I don’t want to remind again my childhood day, because that part of my life are one of the worst part that I ever had, I cant experience the happy and complete family during that time, because of that in this part of my quest mix feeling happen to me ,boredom and a little anxious maybe because of the negative thoughts creating in my mind ,and when I stop at playground I’m just like a child want to play but I control my self, maybe because I’m to old to that in I’m only one person in that place, and I’m just thinking that if any person see me and play at the playground I’m very aware what they are feedback to me.

In this quest I’m also feel the day dreaming while walking I saw a various car and I imagine that in the future I have my own car in this part my mind change into positive because car motivate me to pursue my self to finish and studying hard, but during I’m walking the fliers that two guy gave to me change my attention because that fliers are about job hiring and I’m thinking that I want to have a car I says if I apply possible this is the opportunity the me to buy a car but my favorite quotation insert into my mind its about ‘ Opportunity my knock once only, But temptation leans on the doorbell ‘ and my attention back to my study I ask to my self if I finish my study not only car but also a good job waiting to me, and I think in my quotation the opportunity is my scholarship now and the temptation during that time are the fliers that impose to me to apply a work.

It also flashback into my mind the words that says my classmate about the 5 students failed in Educ. 7 subject. I feel the hopeless because I’m thinking maybe one the 5 are me, I feel nervous and a little anxious I says if that happen I don’t know what I doing to my self ,the word suicide insert to my mind but later on it change into positive I says I’m not belong to the 5 students

I experience a paranoid feeling because of lot of people walk in road and I’m thinking those people look at me and there think something to me and noise of many vehicles’ distract to me to think positive because of this I stop and relaxed my mind to divert my thinking into positive and probably it very helpful to me because my thoughts slowly divert into positive,

At the last of my vision quest I think this are the very learning part and it gives me a clearly meaning of my life, first before I end up at overpass at Ligaya road Marcos highway the thoughts insert in my mind the paranoid part of my experience while I’m walking, I says I don’t care other people what thoughts creating in there mind, what I doing now I’m happy and who they are in my self. And when I stop at center of overpass it about 5; 30 PM the climate are to hot because of pollution created a lot vehicle in road and I look up into the sky and I says God how long I experience a risk and difficulty in my life, and a few seconds I turn my head in the other side of the over pass and I saw the ‘pulubi’ and I feel mixed emotion anger and ‘awa’, and I realize that I’m so blessed because I’m not like a ‘pulubi’ they much ‘kawawa’ than to me and in my case I much a lot of opportunity than to her. In again I say to god .thank for what I have now,

I learn to this quest a acceptance and learn by the experience, other person blame experience put their into worst situation, but they not realize that experience are best to have a good foundation of our life, other person they not accept what they have now like me .in my quest it give me a clear thoughts or insight that anything happen are helpful to...
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