Vision Care Market Segment

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Marketing Plan
EX3 Super High Vision Lens Coating

By: Valerie Ross

Athabasca University

Copyright by: Valerie Ross

1.0Executive Summary5
2.0Situation Analysis6
2.1Company Analysis7
2.1.1. Goals7
2.1.2. Focus7
2.1.3. Culture7
2.1.4. Positives8
2.1.5. Negatives8
2.1.6. Market Situation9
2.1.7. Market Share9
2.1.8. Image Analysis9
2.2Competitor Analysis10
2.2.1. Market Positioning10
2.2.2. SWOT Analysis10
2.2.3. Market Shares11
2.3Customer Analysis11
2.3.1. Types of vision disorders11
2.3.2. Numbers13
2.3.3. Value Drivers14
2.3.4. Decision Process14
2.3.5. Customer Learning Mediums14
2.4.1. Distributors14
3.0Market Segmentation15
3.1Segment 1 - Age group 4-14 (children) 15-25 (students)16 3.1.1. Description16
3.1.2. Percent of Sales17
3.1.3. What they want17
3.1.4. How they use the product17
3.1.5. How to reach them17
3.1.6. Price sensitivity18
3.2Segment 2 – Age group 25-64 (active adults/working professionals)19 3.2.1. Description19
3.2.2. Percent of Sales19
3.2.3. What they want19
3.2.4. How they use the product19
3.2.5. How to reach them19
3.2.6 Price sensitivity20
3.3Segment 3 – Age group 65+ (seniors)20
3.3.1. Description20
3.3.2. Percent of Sales20
3.3.3. What they want20
3.3.4. How they use the product20
3.3.5. How to reach them20
3.3.6. Price sensitivity20
4.0Alternative Marketing Strategies21
5.0Selected Marketing Strategy21
5.1.1. Brand name21
5.1.2. Quality22
5.1.3. Scope of the Product line22
5.1.4. Warranty24
5.2.1. List price25
5.2.2. Discounts25
5.2.3. Payment terms and financing options25
5.3.1. Advertising, including how much and which media25 5.3.2. Promotional programs25
5.4.1. Distribution Channels, such as direct, distributors/intermediaries, retail26 5.4.2. Motivating the Channel – for example distributor margins26 5.4.3. Criteria for evaluating distributors26

5.4.4. Locations27
5.4.5. Logistics, including transportation, warehousing, and order fulfillment27 6.0Short & Long Term projections27
Appendix A29
Exhibit A – Break Even Analysis Table30

1. Executive Summary

Hoya Group was founded in 1941 as a specialty manufacturer of optical glass. It was two Japanese brothers Shoichi and Shigeru Yamanaka who established the optical glass production plant in the city of HOYA, Tokyo where the production of optical glass initially began for the first time in Japan.

Since then, Hoya developed technological expertise and expanded its business activities into four main areas: Information Technologies (making mask blanks and photo-masks for semiconductor devices and liquid crystal panels, optical lenses, and glass memory disks for hard disk drives), Vision Care (providing eyeglasses and operating contact lenses retail shops, as well as making intraocular lenses for cataract surgery), Medical Business (providing the endoscopic system and other accessories), and Imaging Systems (producing SLR/compact digital cameras and interchangeable lenses as well as digital camera lens module and micro-lens). The following graph shows that Vision Care represents a significant portion of Hoya’s sales.


Hoya has become a diversified global company with direct operations in 24 countries around the world. Recently, Hoya was ranked within the top 100 global technology companies by Business Week. The following graph shows the proportion of global sales by region.


The following marketing plan even...

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