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Citizens’ Group 2006

A Vision for Bangladesh in 2021

Draft dated June 12, 2006

| | |The purpose of this vision paper is to illustrate a mental image of Bangladesh in 2021. To that effect, the paper will delineate | |the manner in which the future path of politically accountable development should be conceived for Bangladesh, and subsequently | |derive immediate policy implications for the next elected government. | |This vision paper will differ from the PRSP vision given its scope for longer perspective planning, its authorship and ownership, | |and its emphasis on political accountability in the development process. | |The paper is targeted towards all citizens including politicians, policy makers, entrepreneurs, development practitioners and all | |other professionals and activists. The language of the paper will be non-technical and easy to read. The paper will be written in | |both Bangla and English, and its length will be between 15 to 20 pages. The paper will be prefaced by the “Citizens’ Aspirations.” | |A two-page brief summary will be prepared for quick reference. | |The paper will be written based on the input from the members of the Citizens’ Group 2006 and the regional dialogues organized by | |CPD, The Daily Star, Prothom Alo and Channel I. |

Bangladesh came into being in 1971 through the war of independence with a vision to be a democratic, a non-communal and an equitable society. After 15 years of parliamentary democracy, it is reasonable to take stock of the country’s achievements so far, and more importantly of what the country should accomplish in another 15 years. Furthermore, for the generation which was 18 years of age at the time of independence in 1971, the next 15 years would mean approaching the completion of their working lives. It will be natural to ask what will the country have achieved over the full working life of a generation? Where will the country be? What will it look like?

To pre-empt falling behind in the global economic prosperity race and the subsequent disappointment of our future generations, today’s citizens have chalked out a vision for Bangladesh - a vision that encompasses their present aspirations for a better future and that is based on the demonstrated tremendous energy and potential of the people to fulfill those aspirations. This paper delineates such a comprehensive vision for Bangladesh in 2021 when the country will celebrate 50 years of independence.

The vision for Bangladesh in 2021 is composed of eight goals:

1. Goal One: To be a true democracy
1. Democracy and Constitutional provisions
2. Role of political parties
3. Role of public representatives
4. A strong and neutral Election Commission
5. A neutral, merit based and professionally oriented public administration 6. Human rights
7. Rule of law
8. Transparency and accountability at all levels of national and local administration, with necessary institutional reforms 9. Separation of the Judiciary and the Executive
10. Judicial reforms especially in lower courts
11. Strong local government system with resources and accountability 12. Compassionate welfare arrangements for social protection of the vulnerable at all levels as stated in the Constitution

2. Goal Two: To have a publicly accountable and transparent government 1. Fiscal
1. Fiscal discipline and Fiscal Responsibility Legislation 2. Budgetary reforms
3. Revenue administration and generation of public savings 4. Implementation of...
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