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Visa Application Form
These guidance notes are to help you complete an application form to come to the UK as a visitor. They cover the following application forms: VAF1A, VAF1B, VAF1C, VAF1D, VAF1E, VAF1F, VAF1G, VAF1H, VAF1J, VAF1K. Further guidance and information can be obtained from your local visa application centre or by visiting: 1.1 Given name(s) (as shown in your passport) These must be the same as recorded in your passport. They are normally all the names you were given at birth, but not your family/surname which you should enter in 1.2. Please do not use titles such as Mr, Snr or Esq. 1.2 Family name (as shown in your passport) The name by which your family is known (also known as surname/last name) and must be as recorded in your passport. Please do not use titles such as Snr. 1.3 Other names (including any other names you are known by and/or any other names that you have been known by) Any other names by which you are or have been known, for example, maiden name, name at birth, if different. 1.4 Sex This should be your sex at time of application. 1.5 What is your marital status? This is your current marital status Unless single, please provide evidence of your marital status e.g. marriage or civil partnership certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate. Single - You have never entered into a legally recognised marriage or civil partnership. Married - You and your partner have entered into a marriage, which is legally recognised and documented. Civil partnership - You and your same sex partner have entered into a partnership, which is legally recognised and documented. Unmarried partner - You currently live in a marriage-like relationship with your partner without being legally married. Divorced/dissolved partnership - Your marriage/ civil partnership has been legally dissolved by legal authority, usually a family court, and you have documentary evidence to this effect. Widowed/surviving civil partner - Your partner, male or female, is deceased and, immediately prior to their death, you were in a legal marriage/civil partnership. Separated - You and your partner/spouse no longer live as a married couple, and would normally live apart, but you have not finalised divorce proceedings to terminate the marriage. 1.6 Date of Birth In DD/MM/YYYY format. As recorded in your passport. 1.7 Place of Birth This must be the village/town/city and state/ province in which you were born. 1.8 Country of Birth Enter the country of birth exactly as it appears on the title page of your passport.


1.9 Nationality This must correspond with the authority that issued your travel document/passport. If you hold dual nationality you should select the issuing country of the passport/travel document you wish to travel with. If ‘Stateless’ please enter this as your nationality and provide details of the country that issued your travel document. 1.10 Do you hold, or have you ever held, any other nationality or nationalities? Answer Yes/No. If ‘Yes’, please provide details of which nationality or nationalities you hold or have held, along with details of your travel document or passport number if applicable/available.

3.1 Your full address and postal code This is the address where you live rather than your family home. You MUST include your full residential address details including house number or name/street/village/town/city/state/province/ postal or zip code/country. 3.2 How long have you lived at this address? Give details as requested 3.3 Home (landline) telephone number You should provide your home telephone number if you have one, including the area, city and country codes. This should not be your mobile phone number. If you have no home telephone number please enter ‘None’ and provide a mobile number in the following question. You must provide at least one telephone number you can be contacted on as we may need to...
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