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* How to apply for a long stay student visa?
All applicants for a student visa must first register with "CampusFrance". Please (e-mail: for more information. 

STEP 1 : register and obtain an "attestation" from "CAMPUSFRANCE",, prior to applying for a visa at the Consulate General of France in Atlanta. 

STEP 2 - Once you complied with CAMPUSFRANCE requirements, please make an appointment.  * How to make an appointment?
For security reasons, all applicants have to appear personally at the Consulate General of France in Atlanta. 

The visa section is open to the public on an appointment basis, with no walk-ins allowed. 

Make an appointment by clicking here. 

To use the system, the following configuration is required :  Firefox 1.0 and higher 
Mozilla 1.7.8 and higher 
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher 
Adobe Acrobat reader and higher 
Allow pop-ups 

IF YOU CANNOT PRINT YOUR CONFIRMATION RECEIPT IT IS NOT A PROBLEM. Simply show up on the date and time of your appointment. 

No appointment can be made by phone or by e-mailing us. If you are not able to attend, please free a slot by canceling your appointment. 

Make sure you bring all the required documents when coming to the Consulate General.  * Requirements
A missing document or photocopy = an incomplete visa file = high risk of delay in obtaining the visa.  Attention! a) This simplified list is intended only for students applying through CampusFrance. It is not a substitute for the more detailed information appearing on consular Web sites.  b) Consulates cannot make photocopies for applicants. 

c) Applicants are required to appear in person at the consulate only once. The applicant’s passport, containing the visa (visas are never granted on the spot), will be returned to the student using a secure form of delivery provided by the student. The consulate assumes no responsibility in case of loss. 

1. Copy: A copy of the student’s official acceptance letter or acknowledgment of enrollment. This letter should - be addressed to the student and mention his or her full name, and be printed on institutional letterhead;  - specify the beginning and end dates (day, month, year) of the academic program;  - include full contact information for the individual issuing the offer or acknowledgment, as well as the full address of the educational institution, and be signed and stamped.  Three cases are possible: 

2. Copy: An e-mail message from CampusFrance (entitled “confirmation e-mail”) informing the student that he or she may begin preparations to apply to the consulate for the visa (make appointment, collect documents). Attention! This message should not be confused with the earlier message from CampusFrance notifying the student of the creation of his or her CampusFrance account, or with the message indicating that a receipt for payment was available for download. 

3. Copy: Receipt for payment issued by CampusFrance 

4.  Originals: 2 application forms for extended-stay visa (downloadable), completed and signed. 

 5. 2 recent photographs in U.S. passport photo format. 

6. Original + 1 photocopy: . U.S. citizens: (i) Passport in good condition, with a date of expiration at least 3 months after the end of the student’s proposed stay in the Schengen area, issued within the past 10 years and containing at least 2 blank pages. (ii) Photocopy of the pages containing the passport holder’s personal data. 

7.. Visa application and processing fee (nonrefundable) in the U.S. dollar equivalent of €50 (check your local consulate’s Web site as the rate of exchange changes frequently).  

- Original + 1 Photocopy: Proof of sufficient means of support  Nonscholarship students must prove that they have access to at least $820 per month. Proof may be provided in the form of (i) a bank statement showing a balance of $820 multiplied by the number of...
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