Virtue Matrix

Topics: Social responsibility, Sociology, Corporate social responsibility Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: July 2, 2012
Business Environment
Q. Use virtue matrix framework to analyze Water Tank Industries. A. The virtue matrix depicts forces that generate corporate social responsibility. In the case of Water Tank Industries, instead of giving something back to the society, the company pollutes the local residential area which makes the people very unhappy. Talking about the civil foundation of the matrix, the company does not follow simple norms and ethics. The laws governing the activities are also very weak, as environmental laws do not seem to have affected the company’s activities. Thus in this case, the civil foundation is very weak and seems to be very limited in a country like Nepal where the economy is weak and there is less stability in every sector. Talking about the frontier of the matrix in which corporate innovations in socially responsible behavior occur, the company has tried to settle the people’s objection by good words and giving gifts to the members of the VDC and selected people of the society. They have tried to benefit the society as well as the company’s shareholders by giving gifts, which falls in the strategic frontier. They will be benefiting the company by reducing costs of taking measures to reduce pollution using this strategy. But this strategy may not last long and is very short-sighted. The company should install incinerators to completely destroy the wastes and comply with the environmental norms. This falls under structural frontier as this will benefit the society and cost the company quite a lot. But this is a long term and the best solution in solving the pollution problem.
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