Topics: Operating system, Virtual machine, Computer Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Virtualization: How it Works
Introduction to Operating Systems

Virtualization is the use of multiple operating systems on a single physical computer. It will allow for the configuration of a single system then allow each of the connected computers to run off of that same system. This new wave of technology is capable of saving you money. The use of virtualization will allow your company to use fewer computers and in return, less to maintain and lower electricity bills. It has the ability to install multiple operating systems on a single physical computer and they can run independently. There are two main types of virtualization: server virtualization and desktop virtualization. Desktop virtualization can also utilize older equipment and therefore, reducing the number of computers purchased. The server does all the work for multiple desktop terminals and hosts multiple operating systems and applications. It gives each user a much more personal experience and allows each to access via the internet or your company’s network. Another important factor to businesses is to save time. Once the virtualization is set up it is often faster and easier to set up and support virtual machines. In order for this set up to take place an efficient virtualization software should be installed. It is a simple and straightforward process and allows you run multiple operating systems simultaneously. In your network and organization, it will be necessary to install virtualization software that is easy to manage, reliable and cost-effective. The recommended package, VMware, will accommodate the number of computers you currently use and the kind of tech support available. VMware is the most popular virtualization software vendor. It offers product suites to help manage and virtualize centers to a free VMware Player. This will allow you to create and use virtual machines. It also offers virtual appliances, virtual machines you can download for...
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