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It is the world where we can feel , touch,emotions etc.
It is a world where digital creatures look like real life , sounds like real life & feel like real life. ABOUT VIRTUAL REALITY:
In 1965 , Ivan Sutherland published a paper called ,” The Ultimate display “ in which he described the computers as a” window through which one beholds a virtual world”. The roots of virtual reality began in early 1940’s when an entrepreneur “Edwin Link”devloped filght stimulators to reduce training time & cost. The term “Artificial Reality”was coined in mid 1970’s by “Mayor.W.Krueger”. “Jaron Lanier,CEO of virtual presence Ltd coined the term “Virtual reality to bring all the virtual projects under a single roof. The first approach in categorising virtual reality experiments leads to consider four basic classes:  Visualising in 3D

 Argumental reality
 Released reality
 Artificial reality
The two important aspects in all these approaches :
Immersion : This idea is to feel ‘physically’ present in the virtual environment & to interact with it. Interaction : In order to keep a coherent feeling of
presence,an ideal immersive system should ‘disconnect’ the operator from its ral environment. History of virtual world:
The concept of virtual worlds came into existence duirng 1960’s. Maze War (also known as The Maze Game, Maze Wars or simply Maze) was the first networked, 3D multi-user first person shooter game. Maze first brought us the concept of online players as eyeball "avatars" chasing each other around in a maze.” 1978 MUD was released, it however was not 3D, it was text-based and used a TELNET program(communities & chat rooms) WorldsAway, a prototype interactive communities featuring a virtual world. Cityspace, an educational networking and 3D computer graphics project for children, The Palace%20/%20The%20Palace%20(computer%20program)), a 2-dimensional community driven virtual world. In 1996, the city of Helsinki, Finland with Helsinki Telephone Company (since Elisa Group) launched what was called the first online virtual 3D depiction intended to map an entire city. The Virtual Helsinki project was eventually renamed Helsinki Arena 2000 project and parts of the city in modern and historical context were rendered in 3D. 2003 - second life

2007 – multiverse – With its help people can build their own virtual world. APPLICATION/USES:
{draw:frame} {draw:frame}
People go to VW to interact, have fun, relax, advertise, learn and collaborate etc. The people have virtual identity, which in VW is called ‘Avatar’ – nothing but digital persona of himself/herself, which could be in either 2D or 3D. The word ‘avatar’ is derived from Hindu mythology, where god is in different avatars in human form. Like, Lord Rama & Krishna are avatars in human form for Lord Vishnu. It is worth noting, the term VW can be applied to broad spectrum of applications. There are several types of VW, which serve different purposes and are aimed at different types of uses. Some of the applications are:

a. A report by IBM states that ‘gaming develops skills like, leadership, logical thinking, analytical and reasoning, creative’ which can be used outside the VW, ie. In real life Eg: Gamespy, gamesport, or local popular site like, zapak a. E-commerce: which is buying/ selling of any products on the net – eg: Ebay b. Recruitment: hiring people directly from net: eg: c. On-line banking: Internet banking, wherein account holder of any bank can do his banking like, transfer of monies from one account to another, payment of bills etc. Eg d. On-line share trading: person can buy/ sell shares directly from the net immediately, while the share market is still open. Eg:...

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