Virtual Time Capsule

Topics: United States, A Great Way to Care, Happiness Pages: 4 (1616 words) Published: December 17, 2013

Being able to see things from the past is always a great thing. I know as a child growing up I always wondered about how things were for my parents growing up so I inquiry about it. I know as the different generations goes by things change a lot in time. With this virtual time capsule you will be able to see what’s important in my generation. Hope this can be a great trip down memory lane. First of all, as a mother I have so many responsibilities when it comes to taking care of my children. I’m a mother of two ages three and nine months. I must say that they keep me busy everyday but it’s worth the challenge. In my daily routine, I usually get up with my two boys and get both of us dressed and eat breakfast. I’m a stay at home mom so I get my three year old ready to learn his daily letters. I teach him a new letter everyday along with trying to write them and go over things that start with that letter. We eat lunch and once we have finish lunch I let them both watch cartoons or play for the next couple of hours. I prepare dinner so we can eat by 6pm and the rest of the evening we just relax and have family time. I put them to bed no later than 9pm and the next day we start all over again. Some of the customs I use is when I’m at least 10 feet from someone I say “hello, how are you doing”? When I’m somewhere with my family or close friend we always hug one another and say I love you. When I have meeting with people I always shake their hands. A habit that I have is making faces when I don’t agree with something. I have to continue to tell myself that I have to have patience. For the holidays I always spend Thanksgiving with my boyfriend and his family and for Christmas we spend it with my family. My perspective on the modern era is that it’s the time frame from recent or present times. My dreams and goals for the future are to operate and own a business. The business I would like to own is a daycare and a hair salon. Secondly, when I...
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