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Topics: Management, Organizational studies and human resource management, Virtual team Pages: 4 (916 words) Published: December 30, 2014
A virtual team is aware as a geographically dispersed team (Dave, 2013). It is a group of members who work across boundaries of time, space and organizational with links strengthened by a number of different communication technology to coordinate their individual efforts and inputs (Peters and Manz, 2007). Members of a virtual team communicate through electronic tools such as Skype and E-mail, and some of them may never meet face-to-face (Vlaar, 2008). Nowadays, every organization considers that the fast-time, low-cost and rapid solutions to complex organizational problems in a competitive market. A virtual team which combines the talents and expertise of employees and non-employees can effectively solve time and space barriers (Nader et al., 2009).

10 Up and Art & Logic are two of successful virtual team companies. As a young company, 10 Up already has 60 full-time employees of its virtual team, which helps clients develop and maintain websites. Art & Logic is a virtual team for the software development company (Brie, 2014). The stuff said,“The tools, infrastructure, and work practices that we’ve adopted over the years let us work together effectively, efficiently, and very collaboratively without regard to the physical distances between any two of us.”

Since this decade , scholars and practitioners have often used the “virtual” word in the discussion of manage issues(Vaccaro et al., 2008). At the same time, they also summarize the advantages and disadvntages for a virtual team (Anderson et al., 2007). A virtual team operates more flexible than other traditional teams that enhances or shrink on demand at all times (Tim, 2013). However as a disadvantage, a virtual team is particularly enable to mistrust and misunderstand, communication break downs, conflicts, and power struggles (Rosen et al., 2007). Table 1 illustrates some of the main advantages and disadvantages for a virtual team. Table 1 The main advantages and disadvantages for a virtual team (Tim,...
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