Virtual Reality It Is Here to Stay

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Virtual Reality It Is Here To Stay

Computer Literacy INF 103

April 21, 2013

Virtual Reality It Is Here To Stay

1) What is Virtual Reality
a) History of Virtual Reality
b) Who Coined the Term Virtual Reality
c) What devices are used in Virtual Reality
2) Uses of Virtual Reality
d) How Virtual Reality is used
e) Medical Uses of Virtual Reality
f) Military Uses of Virtual Reality
3) Where is Virtual Reality going in the Future
g) Problems with Virtual Reality
h) Virtual Reality in the Future

Virtual Reality It Is Here To Stay

Virtual reality, described as a three-dimensional computer-generated environment, can be explored and interacted with by a person or persons. In essence, the person becomes part of this computer-generated world and has the ability to manipulate most to all aspects of what goes on in it just as you would in real life. Virtual Reality, a topic of great debate, what is real? Over the years VR has had many followers, but also many who disapprove of the technology all together. The following will describe my views and interpretation of Virtual Reality and how it is evolving in the ever changing world of today.

The History of Virtual Reality goes back in time many years. Back in 1920, Edwin Link introduced the first flight simulator. This device, as with the new and improved versions of today, was used to aid pilots in training. Fast forward to 1957, Sensorama was introduced by Morton Heilig. This was supposed to be an interactive theatre experience. The Sensorama consisted on the following elements: * A viewing screen within an enclosed booth which displayed stereoscopic images. * Oscillating fans

* Audio output (speakers)
* Devices which emitted smells
Below is a chart describing major accoplishments in the Virtual Reality world by year and person.

Year| Person(s) Responsible| Accomplishment| Why it was important| 1965| Ivan Sutherland| Ultimate Display| The beginnings of VR| 1977| Dan Sandin, Richard Sayre and Thomas Defanti| The first dataglove| Interaction through body movement| 1982| Bonnie MacBird (Writer)| Tron| The first computer- generated movie| 1983| Myron Krueger| Videospace| First virtual environment| 1984| William Gibson (His assistant)| Neuromancer| The term 'Cyberspace'| 1987| Michael Piller (Writer)| Star Trek - The Next Generation| The Holodeck, idea of immersive VR| 1992| Stephen King (Official Website)| Lawnmower Man | A look at the possible negative side of VR| 1995| Silicon Graphics| VRML 1.0| Virtual Reality Modeling Language| 1999| Larry and Andy Wachowski| The Matrix | Virtual Reality movie grosses $750M worldwide|

(Bilawchuk, 2004)

Jaron Lanier, founder of VPL Research, coined the term virtual Reality in 1987. Jaron, a computer scientist, worked for Atari up to 1985. In 1985, he left Atari. Jaron and Thomas G. Zimmerman then founded VPL Research INC. This was the first company to sell Virtual Reality Gloves and goggles. Through many triumphs and defeats, his latest project was at Microsoft helping develop the Kinect system for the Xbox 360. Jaron Lanier formed an opinion on why he thinks we are a little behind the eight ball if you will in VR. “You can divide the requirements of the technology that will give you that into two pieces. You can call one piece the production quality or production standards — how detailed is the resolution? How realistic do surfaces look? That boils down to fast computers, high quality sensors and displays: the tech underpinnings of it all. But then there’s this other side; the software side, which involves how you can get a virtual world to do things. My feeling is that even a low-res virtual world can get people the kind of experience that I was just describing. And I think we did have some great moments and great...

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