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Ronald Villanueva Hernandez
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Professor Roselie B. Alday
July 24, 2014



The contemporary world is greatly characterized with the usage of highly developed technology, tools, gadgets, and appliances. One just needs to look around him to see the truth to this statement. Be it in business, education, travel, medical, practically everything and anything, one uses technology to conduct daily living. These technologies underwent several processes and upgrades to be what they are today. Nonetheless, each technology still undergoes enhancements that would help individuals in going about their daily lives. The initial process with which technology evolved into what it is today was first conceptualized, then improved to what man utilizes today. A concrete example of this would be the television which is a common appliance in today's world. Before the television became to what it is today (digital), it was first conceptualized, designed, produced, tested, developed and enhanced. As these things were first conceptualized, hence, the term "virtual reality" was coined. It is, therefore, a usual question whether the initial process was real considering that it was merely a concept, a virtual reality. It is in line with the above that the primordial purpose of this paper is to scrutinize whether virtual reality is indeed real or just a figment of man's imagination.


Virtual Reality: Is It Real?

Today's technology has been conceptualized in the not so distant past and has been labelled as virtual reality. With the objective to utilize realities and things in order to help man in his daily living, several researches conducted studies and experimentations in order to produce materials that will be able to make life a lot easier to the end users of the same. If one has an intensive scrutiny of the experiences any person would have today, technology is always used and is in great demand. Technology is used in business, in education, in medical, in warfare - practically in anything and everything. These became realities as they were first conceptualized prior to the production of the gadgets and things that man uses today. From conceptualization, experiments were conducted to ensure that these products would eventually meet its purpose and would ultimately be of benefit to the users of the same. Safety and costs have been one of the primordial considerations.

This raises the question that many would query. At the stage of conceptualization (virtual reality), would one consider these concepts as real or not? It is the objective of this paper to focus on this.

At the end of this paper, the reader will be able to: 1) understand what virtual reality is;

2) see a short history of the development of virtual reality; 3) realize the usage and advantages of the end-products of virtual reality; 4) comprehend whether virtual reality is real or not. The meanings of Virtual Reality and Reality

Many have always asked, "What is virtual reality? What is reality?". Oxford Dictionary (online publication, 2010) defines virtual reality as "almost or nearly as described, but not



completely or according to strict definition". Late Middle English defines it as "possessing certain virtues". The word virtual comes from the Latin word "virtue, virtuosus". The etymology of the word reality comes from the Latin word "realis" which means "relating to things". Oxford Dictionary defines it as “the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them".

The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia defines virtual reality as "computer-generated environment and within which people can can immerse people in an environment that would normally be unavailable due to cost, safety, or perception...

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