Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality

In today’s world, making a mistake, for example during a surgery can be very fatal, but what if you make that same mistake but in a virtual reality? Well, if you make that mistake in the real world, you would learn from it but the patient would most likely have died but in a virtual world, you can program another virtual patient to retry the surgery knowing its not a real human. Virtual reality will have a substantial effect on our future way of life. Virtual reality already has made astounding progress in the world of commercial design, and it is predicted to have a tremendous impact on everyday life as well, when such technology is more available, will have various uses ranging from recreation to basic communication. The applications of virtual reality into different fields of occupations and research will have both positive and negative effects on our society.

Firstly, the definition of “Virtual Reality” in my terms is to be inside a computer generated 3D world. Researchers say it embodies an attempt to eliminate the traditional distinction between the user and the machine. Virtual reality is intended to provide a means of naturally and intelligently interacting with information. For example, playing a video game in a screen is very good but what about personally being inside the game world? Being inside the game world can really heighten your game experiences because you can actually see, hear, feel, and taste the virtual environment.

In order for the user to enter the virtual reality world, the user puts on a special suit or gloves equipped with fiber-optic sensors. These fiber-optic sensors are able to interpret body positions. The user also wears special goggles that have video screens and audio attachments. This equipment allows for the user's complete immersion into a 3-D, computer generated, model of reality (Carr 37). The use of a two-way data transfer is what enables this interaction with an alternate reality to occur....

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