Virtual Organizations

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Virtual Organizations
English 221
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Table of contents

* Accessing Website
* Navigating Student Web
* Virtual Organizations Homepage
* Browsing the organizations
* Businesses
* Schools
* Government
* Healthcare

Accessing The Website

Access the University of Phoenix website by visiting Enter your username and password at the top right of the webpage above the yellow login button. Once your credentials have been typed in, press the yellow Login button to proceed to the next page.

Navigating Student Web

Once you’ve logged in from the University of Phoenix main page, you will come to your student home page. From this screen you can access your classroom, library, program information, or account section. There are also shortcuts at the bottom left that jump straight from the home page to the students current course materials section, discussion forum, and assignments section.

To access the virtual organizations section of the student website, choose the Classroom tab at the top of the page next to the Home button with will be highlighted in blue.

Navigating Student Web

Now that the Classroom section has been selected, the user will be taken to the Materials tab, which is the homepage of Classroom. There is a column on the left hand side of the page with a heading of “Course Outline”. The link for the Virtual Organizations section is towards the middle of the page, directly next to Materials which is bolded in the middle. Virtual Organizations

The tab in your student portal will open a new browser window that takes you to the Virtual Organization homepage, with Businesses as the first selected option. Virtual Organizations

The different Virtual Organization sections at the top are labeled: * Businesses (Red Oval)
* Schools(Yellow Oval)
* Healthcare (Yellow Oval)
* Government (Yellow Oval)

Browsing the Organizations

Choose a section from the virtual organizations homepage, such as Business, by clicking on the type of organization that needs to be viewed.

Browsing the Organizations

By clicking on the organization you wish to view, you will be taken to the homepage of that company.

There are 11 different businesses to select, among them are: * Riordan Manufacturing
* Huffman Trucking
* Kudler Fine Foods
* McBride Financial Services
* The Elias Group
* Smith Systems Consulting
* Baderman Island
* Les Establissments Boffy
* Lafleur Trading Company
* Iwamoto Crews Coe
* Berry’s Bug Blasters

Click on the business that you want to view will take you to the homepage of the business.

This will give you an overview of what the company does along with some general information.


* From the Business homepage you can find:
* Location of service areas
* Finance and marketing
* Sales information
* Staff Directory
* Contact information
* Company history
* Products and service


Certain business organizations have an intranet tab.

The intranet refers to a computer network within the company. This shows more detailed information generally regarding company operations, procedures, and resources. Schools

To view the Schools section choose “Schools” from the virtual organizations homepage.


Upon clicking on Schools you will have an option to view:
Central Administration (Red Oval)
Elementary School (Yellow Oval)
Middle School (Yellow Oval)
High School (Yellow Oval)
Northwest Valley Community College (Yellow Oval)


By clicking on the organization you wish to view, you will be taken to the websites homepage.

Each Schools homepage has a navigation bar on the left side of the website like the image above. (The Red rectangle outlines the navigation bar on the image above. The yellow oval is the Virtual Organizations link which...
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