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Topics: Law, Contract, Common law Pages: 3 (982 words) Published: May 28, 2007
Ann Winbush
Virtual Organization E-Business Paper
May 22, 2007
C. Darnell Stroble


Smith Systems Consulting describes the web as "the marketplace of the new millennium" (University of Phoenix). The company, founded in 1994, focuses on delivering "high value Web and business application services" in this marketplace. Most of the current customers of Smith Systems are regional companies. However, the company is expanding rapidly. The need for Smith System Consulting to expand their markets is perhaps the most fundamental reason for growth in the world. The limited size of domestic markets often motivates managers to seek markets beyond their national frontiers In this paper, the writer will analyze the legal issues that Smith Systems Consulting may face when conducting e-business. Additionally, this paper will analyze issues that the company may encounter while conducting international business and the conflicts of law that pertain to these issues. Specifically, it will address the applicable law as well as the court(s) of jurisdiction.

First, the writer will examine how Smith System Consulting Company currently uses standardize contracts for their company that are written in plain language. According to Gauby and Noone, L.L.C. (1996), legal counsel for Smith System Consulting, states these contracts to be fair and just to the company and their customers. (University of Phoenix). Smith System Consulting has rare copyrights and patents, since most of their business is believed to be work for hire basis. Based upon the nature of Smith Systems Consulting's business and the information provided by the company's legal counsel, some of the legal issues that the company may face are contract law, sexual harassment, and discrimination. According to Contract Overview (2007) A Contract law covers the legal implications of a contract. For instance, contract law determines what is and is not consideration, whether a contract is intended, or...

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