Virginia Hall

Topics: World War II, Germany, Nazi Germany Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: February 26, 2014

This young woman was incredible. She was brave and unique and helped the Allies during that terrible World War 2.

Virginia was born in 1906, in Baltimore. She was exceptional since she could speak both fluent, French and German. She was a very good student and when to a prestigious school, Radcliff. She wished to work in American embassies. Unfortunately, while hunting one day, she shot her leg. Medical help arrived too late and she had to amputate her leg. This would affect her career quite a lot, and would be in the future called “The Limping Lady”.

This accident caused the loss of her job, and she moved to Paris. As the war approached and then broke out in the city she was currently living in, she decided she wanted to help. Her decision consisted in driving an ambulance car for the injured of the war. Terrified at what the Germans were doing to the Jewish, her second decision was to join British Resistance, also called SOE.

Being great at her job, she went undercover as a journalist. She would mostly write about Germans getting stricter. On the other hand, her role was to find safe zones where supplies, weapons, agents and money could be brought. Even though she was very careful, Germans found her secret plan and wanted to capture her. That’s when she began her escape out of Lyon. It was dangerous since the Nazi’s, which were everywhere, couldn’t catch her, otherwise death would follow. As she arrived in London, after a long and hard trip, the SOE trained her and the operatives. This training consisted in learning how to communicate through radio without being caught.

Later during that year she changed organizations and joined the OSS, an American organization of spying. Being one of the top spies, she was sent back to France. This time she was disguised as an elder farmer. What she would do was take the mile and nourishments to the market where the Germans would converse about politics and new plans. These Nazis didn’t know...
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