Virginia and Massachusetts in Terms of Economy and Society: a Comparison

Topics: Puritan, Thirteen Colonies, Massachusetts Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: October 8, 2008
During the time period of the colonization in the Americas, people from all over Europe came with their own desires and hopes for this strange and mysterious land. Some came for religious freedom, and some came for wealth, fame, and glory. No matter what purpose they had, they all piled onto a boat and sailed a vigorous journey to the continent of North America. As the people settled and founding colonies, people with certain desires decided to go to a particular colony because of how the colony functioned and how its viewpoints ere set. Don’t StealTwo colonies, Virginia and Massachusetts, were part of England’s expansion into the new world. Virginia, located in the Southern colonies, was founded mainly for an economic purpose, while Massachusetts was founded by colonists seeking religious freedom. These and many other reasons illustrate that it doesn’t matter who rules a colony- there can still be many differences between the two. The society in Virginia compared to Massachusetts are very different. Don’t StealOne thing is that they attracted different kinds of people depending on each colony’s environment. The settlement in Virginia was mainly formed for financial reasons while Massachusetts was conceived of by a group of Puritan separatists from the English Church seeking religious freedom. Virginia was known for the production of “cash crops”, such as tobacco. Since colonists were unable to find any gold in the new world, they decided to profit via means of agriculture. In Massachusetts, The Puritans that settled there proposed only to form a “purified” version of the Anglican Church from England. The Puritans were a busy, educated, and somewhat industrious group of people. The Massachusetts colony consisted of non-separatists reformers. Overall, Massachusetts wanted an educated and religion-oriented society. The land and labor in both colonies were different as well, but mainly by means of available workers. Don’t StealThe land in Virginia was abundant, but...
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