Virgin Suicide

Topics: Christopher Columbus, Spain, Isabella I of Castile Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Topic: The early Spanish settlers and their impact on the indigineous people in the 16th century. Theme: Old World Diseases and not merely the Encomienda System led to the native Indians being destroyed in the Caribbean by the middle 16th Century.

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Scholars and historians have found evidence that Columbus has researched the works of significant scientists and explorers like Ptolemy, Marco Polo, and Eratosthenes.1 With their influence and his own naturally stubborn will, Columbus set out prove that a journey across the Atlantic to Chin and Japan was possible. In order to pay for voyage, and to gain the fame and power he desired, Columbus needed to find support from the royal court of a European nation. In 1483, Columbus approached the royal court of Portugal and presented his idea to King John II. King John rejected Columbus, having conferred with other explorers and mariners who claimed that the idea was unthinkable and realistic.2 Thus dismissed, Columbus sought out the King and Queen of Spain. His first attempt to convince Ferdinand and Isabella of his intended journey left them with many questions. They did not, however, reject his proposal.3 On the 2nd of August 1492 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella agreed to sponsor Christopher Columbus on his voyages; Christopher Columbus wanted to find new trade route, travel from the west to find the east to prove that the world was not flat. The King was reluctant at first, but his Queen, Isabella wanted Christopher Columbus to venture off.4 Isabella thought that Spain needed more Christians, the fight against the Muslims and Jews had just finish and those who did not comply had been banished leaving Queen Isabella with the longing to purify more people. Secondly the King and Queen wanted to find and secure a trade route, because the Arabs (Muslims)...
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