Virgin Case

Topics: Richard Branson, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Virgin Group / Pages: 12 (2752 words) / Published: Jan 24th, 2013 why virgin atlantic start Try to remember what travel was like 25 years ago; it was the reason I went into the airline business. You would sit on a British Airways plane – or a TWA or a Pan Am plane – and you would get dreadful food, you would have to deal with staff who never smiled, you had no entertainment, you had uncomfortable seats ... you were treated like cattle, and it was thoroughly unpleasant. 

I think that the advent of Virgin Atlantic shook up all of that. For instance, we introduced a first-class product, but at business-class fares, which transformed the comfort of travelling for business travellers, and things like stand-up bars where they could actually get up and not be stuck in their seats. 

We introduced seat-back videos for all passengers some years before everybody else. 

We introduced a premium economy cabin – a much bigger cabin for economy-class passengers who could afford to pay a little bit more – and other airlines have followed. 

We started a system of taking your loose change off you to give to charity and most other airlines have followed suit, and literally hundreds of millions have been raised as a result. So, as far as air travel is concerned, we have transformed it, and also, to be honest, I think that we 've done the same to train travel. * * 1. VIRGIN CASE STUDY THE TEAM MILENA BANASZEK MONTY KHAN CHRISTOPHER PEAT LINDA RICHARDS FIRAT UCER * 2. QUESTION THREE “What criteria should Branson apply in deciding what new diversification to pursue?” * 3. CONTENTS Overview of Virgin Virgin’s beliefs Diversified companies Operational differences Operational Focus Resources and Capabilities Competitive advantage Virgin added value Focus of diversification Virgin checklist Conclusion * 4.

Bibliography: Strengths Virgin Atlantic has several strengths of which it boasts of (Drucker, 2009) Threats On the other hand, its threats include competition from other airlines with cheaper technology (Sandhasen, 2008)

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