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Buzz Marketing & Viral Strategies and Viral Buzz Marketing Strategies Emakina Academy

Brice Le Blévennec
President Emakina

About Emakina
Emakina is the leading independent Belgian web agency. We offer the following integrated services – – – – creative consultancy and graphic design web development and IT integration e-business and strategic consultancy marketing communication services

With an award-winning team of over +80 web experts, Emakina delivers state-of-the-art projects.

Some Emakina Customers

Buzz Marketing
– An event or activity that generates publicity, excitement, and information to the consumer. – It's usually something that combines a wacky, jaw-dropping event or experience with pure branding, like tattooing your forehead. – If buzz is done right, people will write about it, so it essentially becomes a great PR vehicle. – Buzz marketing typically includes one shot of adrenaline and a chaser of product information. – Example: Source: “The word on Word of Mouth” by Dave Balter, President of BzzAgent

Viral Marketing
– An attempt to deliver a marketing message that spreads quickly and exponentially among consumers. – Today, this often comes in the form of an email message or video. – Contrary to alarmists' fear, viral isn't evil. It isn't dishonest or unnatural. – At its best, it is word of mouth enabled, and at its worst, it's just another interruptive marketing message. – Example: “Richard Branson is naked” Source: “The word on Word of Mouth” by Dave Balter, President of BzzAgent

Word of Mouth
– The most powerful medium on the planet – It's the actual sharing of an opinion about a product or service between two or more consumers – It's what happens when people become natural brand advocates – It's the holy grail of marketers, CEOs and entrepreneurs, as it can make or break a product. – The key to its success: it's honest and natural. – Example: Source: “The word on Word of Mouth” by Dave Balter, President of BzzAgent

Buzz Marketing
Creating excitement buildup leading to talk in the street Focus = the talking about your promotion Mail, SMS and Web are integrated in a multi-channel campaign

Viral Strategies
Get your audience to do your marketing for you Focus = the spreading of your message Web is a key element

Word of Mouth
Your customers becoming your brand evangelizers Focus = on brand core values Spontaneous peer-topeer brand marketing

Authenticity & Credibility

Today’s topic

“Viral marketing is like succeeding in Hollywood: every actor wants to do it, only a few succeed.”

EMAKINA Viral Strategies and Buzz Marketing

– – Viral Advertising in 2005 - Top 7 Tactics, How-Tos & Measurement Data MarketingSherpa Special Online viral marketing: the strategic synthesis in peer-to-peer brand marketing Justin Kirby, Managing Director of DMC The Word on ‘Word of Mouth’ Dave Balter, President of BzzAgent Viral Marketing Russell Goldsmith, Prentice Hall Business Buzz Marketing with Blogs Susannah Gardner, Wiley Publishing Emakina experience…

– – –


EMAKINA Viral Strategies

Viral Marketing > Success stories
Dreamteam Bets Trojan Condoms Hamlet Cigars

1 million visits in 2 weeks MTV

35 million views in 3 months FORD KA

1 million visits in 1 week Kozaks Game

280'000 ecards in 3 weeks

200 sites have copied the clip!

Top50 > Top10 in 1 year

Viral Marketing > Key Ingredients
Like succeeding in Hollywood – Everyone wants to do it, not everyone succeeds – There is no guarantee recipe for instant success but… Key ingredients for the success stories were – Huge fun factor, new factor, intriguing factor, sexy factor Creative copy writing and visuals – You should look cool when forwarding to friend Easy to forward – Praise should go to you as forwarder for finding it! Cool and easy to summarize story – Energy and...
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