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What does a virus have to do with marketing? Viral marketing describes any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others, creating the potential for exponential growth in the message's exposure and influence. Like viruses, such strategies take advantage of rapid multiplication to explode the message to thousands, to millions. Some viral marketing strategies work better than others. Wilson‟s Second Law of Web Marketing is "The Law of Giving and Selling". Most viral marketing programs give away valuable products or services to attract attention. "Free" is the most powerful word in a marketer's vocabulary. Free email services, free information, free software programs that perform powerful functions. "Cheap" or "inexpensive" may generate a wave of interest, but "free" will usually do it much faster. Viral marketers practice delayed gratification. They may not profit today, or tomorrow, but if they can generate a groundswell of interest from something free, they know they will profit soon and for the rest of their lives. Clever viral marketing plans take advantage of common human motivations. What proliferated "Netscape Now" buttons in the early days of the Web? The desire to be cool. Greed drives people. So does the hunger to be popular, loved, and understood. The resulting urge to communicate produces millions of websites and billions of e-mail messages. Design a marketing strategy that builds on common motivations and behaviors for its transmission, and you have a winner!


Karpagam University Global Conference

Preface Marketing is one of the most important aspects of growing one‟s business, and is an investment that will pay for itself over and over again, yet it is often misunderstood, or neglected due to a lack of time, resources or knowledge of its potential. It is often confused with selling or advertising, but it encompasses much more. For it to be effective, marketing must clearly articulate what it is a business does well and differently. What sets it apart from competition? What are the capabilities, products and services that make it extraordinary and hard to copy? What are the „behind the scenes‟ human dynamics, skills and „know how‟ that are unique or difficult to replicate? What technologies give the business an edge over its competitors? The strategy behind a brand must inspire interest, engage curiosity and build on a business‟ reputation and image. It must make the most of the right communication mediums and be planned, reviewed and measurable. It may incorporate anything from market research, direct marketing, and online exposure, business to business or business to consumer communication. Today marketing strategies can be quite diverse and, no longer restricted to print, radio and television, can also engage the consumer via creative online and digital campaigns. Online business presence has ushered in a whole new era in global marketing; and environmental consciousness has added an important „green‟ element. Viral marketing Viral marketing and viral advertising refer to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce exponential increases in brand awareness, through self-replicating viral processes, analogous to the spread of a computer virus. It can often be word-of-mouth delivered and enhanced online; it can harness the network effect of the Internet and can be very useful in reaching a large number of people rapidly. Some of the first recorded offline / online viral campaigns were developed by Tim Nolan of fame circa 1996. By...
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