Violonce in Schools

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Every once and awhile you turn on your local news station and hear a story about a teen bringing a gun to school. We always come to a conclusion that the child was picked on all the time and has no friends. But, rarely do we think what we need to do in order for this not to happen again. Ever since the Columbine story schools have buckled down into making sure that the student are in a safe environment. But, is this enough? Since Columbine the violence levels in schools have increased dramatically. Recently this past April, a huge shooting at the Virginia Tech campus was taken place. We then thought wouldn’t the schools have gotten better in security since Columbine? From these past issues we now know more than ever that the violence in schools needs to be taken more seriously. Since recently graduating from high school I still have a close view about the violence that goes on in the public school systems of the United States. Violence in schools can be halted by addressing the student’s issues, handling mis-conduct more carefully, and becoming more involved at home.

Addressing student’s issues can decrease the violence in schools. If teachers and parents ca decide what is causing the violence in schools the problem can be solved easily. A big option that is a solution to the problem would be to set up conferences with the students. By setting up conferences with students, we can find out some of the violent issues that the students may be dealing with. “It's important for kids to feel like they can share their feelings, and know that their fears and anxieties are understandable. Rather than waiting for your child to approach you, consider starting the conversation. Ask kids what they understand about these incidents and how they feel about them” (Dowshen, 2007). Talking to the teachers as well can also bring about great help. By talking to the teachers, schools can get more feedback from the teachers and their opinion on what should be done about the violence. Another great way would also to be to get in contact with the students inner feeling at school. From experience many teacher are not close to there students and don’t really get involve with their students. If teachers create semi platonic relationship with their students they can get a better understanding of the student. “Share your own feelings too — during a tragedy, kids may look to adults for their reactions. It helps kids to know that they are not alone in their anxieties. Knowing that their parents have similar feelings will help kids legitimize their own” (Dowshen, 2007).

Contacting parents about the students can also reduce violence level. Schools today only contact student’s parents because the student is in trouble. Schools should contact parents so the can also give an update on what their child is doing at school. When schools contact the parents, this gives parent opportunity to talk with the child if there are any problems going on with the child or if the child is experiencing anything that is negative and that affects them at school. When a child has parental advisement about how to deal with issues at school, this gives the student a more reasonable way to handle the situation that they are in without resorting to violence. Using great therapy techniques can help benefit with helping the violence level at schools.” At the same time, kids often need parents to help them feel safe. It may help to discuss in concrete terms what you have done and what the school is doing to help protect its students” (Dowshen, 2007). If parents talk to the children more a lot of violent issues can be solved quickly. After dealing with the students issues it may be important for the schools to do follow ups with the students and the parents. Doing follow ups with the students can greatly benefit the cause against school violence. School therapist and parent can check often with the students to see if problems are still reoccurring or to see if the problems have...

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