Violent Video Games Should Not Be Banned

Topics: Video game controversy, Video game, Violence Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Violent Video games are not the problem and you know it.
Should violent video games be banned? Many say that say they shouldn’t, these people include Christopher J. Ferguson, PhD, of Texas A&M International University, Patrick Markey, PhD and Kierkegaard. They are professionals who know what they are talking about. Therefore their opinion is quite relevant to the issue. There actual opinion is that, if anything, violent video games reduce violence in the real world because they let out their aggression on the game. This may actually prove to be true. In Japan there are much more violent video games that are also much more graphic than in Australia and yet less violence in their country. Therefore any people that say that violent video games influence children and even adults to actually perform acts of cruelty on other beings are just point black wrong. There would also be quite a few difficulties in enforcing the rule. Mainly it would be maintaining the ban. The only way to make sure no one is playing the games is to have a special police section that deals with reports of violent video games. Most police will jump from regular sections to this one because it seems so much easier. We will be losing police from normal sections like crashes and murder and the Government will probably lose money paying the police to this job because they will demand to be payed a reasonable amount or else no police will be interested in the job. The Government might even increase taxes so they don’t lose so much money. Either way it will be a difficult job because after being so addicted to such games it will be hard to not play them when you get bored and there will be lots of reports for the police and complaints to the Government. There are some ridiculous statements made from the people that actually wish for it to be banned that it causes emotional disorders, brain declines, affects school performance and lowers IQ, makes you an outcast, slow brain wave and heart, more...
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