Topics: Amazon, Amazon River, Mind Pages: 4 (1287 words) Published: November 24, 2013

The screeches of chimps echoed through the thick, dark brush of the Amazon. The moonlight above bathed the large canopy of trees in a warm white glow. The humid, damp air still lingered in the air from the recent tropical rains common to the area. The moisture of the lagoon seemed to add another effect of humidity, the thickness of the air hot and heavy. She turned over at the screeching, restless on this damp night. She remembered the boatman's words to her, "Be careful at night, Ms. Ryan. Everything here in this jungle are killers. Beware of every screech, every moan, every howl of the wind- because amongst it all, you may hear its cries." At the time, she merely laughed it off and waved the boatman away. He was a superstitious fool, listening to old tales and legends the locals told about the 'Black Lagoon.' The natives thought her mad, trying to tell her of other places for research and study, lure her off her true course in fear of her fate. She did not care to listen, her mind one-tracked and focused on reaching the 'Paradise' of the Amazon. They claimed it was beautiful, luscious with marine and plant life, full of discovery with its tranquility. It was claimed that the Lagoon held secrets beneath its murky waters, a deep, dark secret others have tried to harness, only to fail and disappear. Many have disappeared from these parts, no one has ever lived to tell the tale of their time in the Lagoon. She knew, or heard of, the team of researches and geologists that visited the Lagoons decades ago, in hopes to discover the rest of the fossilized skeleton that the humanoid-amphibian hand belonged to....
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