Violent Video Games Causing Violence?

Topics: Video game, Nonviolent video game, Video game controversy Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: April 4, 2013
20 March 2013
Do Violent Video Games Cause Violence?
Do violent video games affect your behavior? How about your friends? There are many studies being conducted to decide the answer, and many people have their own ideas. Some people believe that many school shootings and other crimes are caused by violent video games. But I believe that there is very little to no effect on people from playing graphic video games. If there is an effect, it would vary greatly on how long you play such video games and there would be a varying time of which anyone can be effected. People often sue video game companies believing they have affected their behavior. For many years, video games have shown various ranges of violence, such as hitting enemies with a weapon or using destroying buildings. Still, initially, studies have never managed to show that they affect our daily lives. But as technology progressed,the violence became more graphic. And now video games have been titled to be a form of protected expression. Even now, courts have used our First Amendment's statement in which they used it for the constitutionality of video game expression. This caused many casest, in the first case that dealt with the First Amendment's protection of video games, to subdue nearly four decades of confusion and unify the law. “After the Court's decision in Brown, it is safe to assume that, at society's current level of technological progress, courts are likely to hold that children's use of video games is expressive conduct that the First Amendment protects” (Grand Canyon University). Social scientists have been examining and debating the effects of media violence on behavior for many years, and video games in particular in the more advanced years, such an the 1980s to the twentieth century. The issue is especially relevant today, because the games are more realistic and bloodier than ever, and because most American boys play them at some point. Girls play at lower rates and are significantly...
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