violent video game should be banned

Topics: Federal government of the United States, Central Intelligence Agency, United States Department of Defense Pages: 3 (1999 words) Published: April 14, 2014
Introduction: Edward Snowden was born in America. The place of his birth was in North Carolina he was born in 1983. He worked in a company named national security agency. His mother worked for the federal court. Snowden father was a former coast guard in Pennsylvania. He was subcontracted under the owner named Booz Allen. Within three month Edward planned on collecting the NSA secret document that was practiced by them very secretly. These documents were made by the owner and was very disturbing and against the community. When Snowden fled to Hong Kong via china then he gave all the documents to media. The media started to publish in the newspaper that people in America were unaware about the fact that they were being monitored without their permission. The detail of the fact stated that United States was spying on people. So this reveals even innocent people can get convicted in the recorded videos. Most countries in Asia supported his bravery and declared that he saved people life. Snowden was dropped out of school and then he began to study computer related courses in community college starting from 2004 to 2005. Later he earned his GED. Snowden also went to army training for four months he did not quite succeed. Instead the load was so heavy for him that he injured his leg and was disqualified for the position. Two years after leaving his college he decided to join NSA. While working with the CIA Snowden noticed all the government programs including all the recorded telephone call via internet use. He earned 200000 a year. Snowden began copying the NSA documents that was secret. The document contained vast amount of information that revealed that millions of peoples activities were recorded under an umbrella named prism. When Snowden had finished collecting all the documents Snowden told his supervisor that he needs to leave. He needs to get diagnosed. Then he left Hawaii. The United Kingdom guardian newspaper also revealed the information’s regarding the...
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