Violent Media and Children

Topics: Aggression, Violence, Video game controversy Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: October 21, 2013

17 September 2013
How Violent Media Affects Children’s Behavior
Media these days are becoming very violent. Children are our future. There are many incidents involving children being influenced by violent media now a days. Violent media can be found in video games, movies, and even music.

First of all, some parents may think “Just because my child kills people in video games, does not mean they will end up being a serial killer.” Well Dr. Phil states, "The number one negative effect is they tend to inappropriately resolve anxiety by externalizing it. So when kids have anxiety, which they do, instead of soothing themselves, calming themselves, talking about it, expressing it to someone, or even expressing it emotionally by crying, they tend to externalize it." Dr. Phil also mentions that violent video games does not teach the child a proper consequence. He says "If you shoot somebody in one of these games, you don't go to jail, you don't get penalized in some way — you get extra points!" No, this does not mean that every child will go out and shoot someone after playing a violent video game, but they do get introduced into more vulgar language, and into more vulgar images which cause them to try and solve their problems in more violent ways. The American Psychological Association states that playing these violent video games causes children to be less caring and helpful to their family and teachers. Many children have spent the majority of their time playing violent video games at an age where they should be learning how to socialize with other people, and how to peacefully resolve an argument. Some psychologist have found that when parents set a boundary to their children’s time with the games and the kind of games that their child can play, the child shows less of an aggressive behavior. Studies have shown that some children who have been exposed to the horror of violence copy the violence they see, and become more aggressive with their behavior. Some...

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