Violent Media

Topics: Marvel Comics, Superhero, Violence Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: December 13, 2012
In Violent Media is Good for Kids, Gerard Jones argues that violent forms of media in our pop culture can be used as a means of helping kids cope with rage. Throughout his essay, Jones promotes the idea that kids should use “creative violence” as a tool to transfer their negative emotions rather than acting out on them (197). Although Jones points out valid arguments to defend violence in media, he fails give a clear definition to determine what constitutes it. Thus, he excludes all other forms of media violence such as gaming, movies, television shows, etc. that dominate our current world. Jones’ argument is based mostly on Marvel Comics with superheroes acting out their “violence” to perceived injustices. His lack of sources makes him lose credibility and ineffectively persuade his readers, especially parents, to use media violence as a form of creativity to diminish any negative behaviors.

Jones begins by describing his own childhood and the loneliness felt by being consumed with internal fears of adolescent boyhood and acceptance. His parents who didn’t trust the violent world separated him from “the crudest elements of American pop culture” until the Hulk arose through Marvel Comics (195). To his world, the Hulk represented everything he was feeling. The Hulk’s rage carried Jones into this fantasy world where he was unafraid of “the world’s disapproval,” and became “unhesitating and effective in action” (195). This enhanced creativity ultimately resulted in his ideas transferring into paper and as an adult saw his own creations turned into games and cartoons. Jones promotes this upon his own son who he sees shying away from perceived stereotypes and enhances his own creativity to surpass the most basic fears such as tree climbing. The problem with his initiating argument is that Jones is comparing violent media to an angered superhero. The Hulk and all other Marvel Comic books do display forms of violence; however, they also function as moral lessons for...

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