Violent Behavior Among Inmates

Topics: Prison, Violence, Crime Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: March 11, 2012
Violent behavior among prison inmates continue to rise. There are certain prison rules that are set by the more dominant inmates and when those rules are broken by the less dominant inmates, there are consequences that must be suffered. These consequences include acts of violence being carried out against the “perpetrators.” With dominance being so important to inmates, there are often fights to prove who is more dominant. Once the dominance has been established, everyone else is expected to submit or pay a stiff price. Unfortunately, the less dominate literally gives up their “prison rights” to include giving up their bunks and food.

Violent behavior between inmates and staff also continue to rise, especially as prisons become more populated. It is expected that inmates would have bad feeling against the staff because of the staff’s adhering to and holding them responsible for the prison’s rules. However, there are those inmates and staff members who end up establishing “arrangements” that allows them to work together inside of the prison. As long as the staff allows them to have their way, inmates are pretty cooperative.

Strategies for responding to inmates’ violent behavior includes, but are not limited to placing inmates in solitary confinement, extending their prison sentence, and taking away other privileges that have been afforded to them. It is also safer if staff never approach inmates while alone. As it has been said, “There is strength in numbers.”

One of the more harsh penalties for violent inmate behavior is to add additional time to their prison sentence. Unless the inmate is a career criminal, he is not going to wan tany more time added to his sentence, therefore, he will be more prone to adhering to the rules. The more violent the behavior, the longer the sentence is going to be extended.
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