Violence on Television: Points of View

Topics: Psychology, Aggression, Media violence research Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: April 7, 2014

Violence on Television: Points of View

Violence on television is a very controversial topic in today’s society. Many people have different views and opinions of how it effects today’s youth, and authors have written article after article pleading their points. Two similar articles with very different points pertaining this in depth subject are, written by Alice Langholt, “Positive Effects of Television on Kids”, and , written by American Psychological Association, “Childhood Exposure to Media Violence Predicts Young Adult Aggressive Behavior, According to a New 15- Year Study.” The article written by the American Psychological Association is by far the more analytical and statistically filled paper.

To start off, in the article by American Psychological Association, audiences are exposed to extensive research over the past fiftheen years describing with proof how violence on television is affecting the young ones of America. For an example, in article two there is research starting in 1977 and then retested in 2003 showing the increased violence level in young men who grew up watching significantly more graphic cartoons. Alice Langholt’s article has more personal thoughts listed in the article rather than proven facts. This does leave more of an emotional appeal on readers but in no way is it factual Therefore, Langholt’s piece is written at a lower standard and is not as successful as article two.

Second, the American Psychological Association’s article is written and approved by an accredited association. The format and information of the piece is not only more precise and clear, but it has a more professional outlay to the article. Article one is rather wispily written and has less of an accredited feel to the piece per say. Both of the pieces are good but article one can clearly be put off as a young student’s piece of work that needs more work with more factual detail in it rather than a finished piece. Aslo, the article by the American...
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