violence in our society

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Mary Jean
U06D1- Violence as a social justice issue
There are many speculations on why crime and violence happens in certain communities. Often times someone might say, if a crime is committed, its expect look at the neighbor the person came from. One perceptions of why crimes happen might vary, depending on whom you are talking to. Sometimes our preconceived notions often blind ones views and their perceptions .According to Hagan & Albonetti, 1982 “ Research evidence suggests that racial and class differences exist in people’s perceptions of how criminal justice is applied.  Large body of American research indicates that most African-Americans are considerably more likely than white Americans to perceive discrimination and bias within the criminal justice system, even after controlling for age, class, education and income. For example, in a national study analyzing public perceptions of criminal injustice, Hagan and Albonetti (1982) produced three major findings”(P.329) “Criminologists have developed typologies of both adult and juvenile offenders. Some schemes rest on psychological criteria, whereas others uses patterns of behavior common in correctional intuitions to establish criminal types , sociological approaches emphasize individual criminal activities, personal attitudes, self-concepts, group relations, and similar variables (Gibbons,2002) There are several interventions methods used, I feel the recidivism rate has been enormous. Sometimes the main interventions plan is keeping criminal out of prison and finding a way for them to become a productive part of society. “Community Violence has tremendous financial, health, and social cost for individual’s families and communities. These are health care costs, law enforcement cost, legal cost, and economic cost related to lost work productivity, (Hutchinson, p.48) Social workers play a vital part in the interventions process , in helping these families find ways of dealing with the absent...
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