Violence In New Mexico Territory

Topics: Lincoln County War, Billy the Kid, John Tunstall Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: September 24, 2014
1.e Violence in the NM Territory

After carefully reading the material provided, complete the chart and questions below – the boxes will expand as you type in them. Save and submit the chart for your grade.

Lincoln County War
Las Gorras Blancas
The Lincoln County War began in 1878
Las Gorras Blancas began in 1890
Lincoln County, NM
San Miguel, Santa Fe, and Mora Counties.
Who was the dispute between? (you can give specific and / or group names) The dispute was between a group of wealthy ranchers and another group led by the wealthy owners of a monopolistic general store in Lincoln. The dispute was between Las Gorras Blancas and commercial elites. What was the dispute about?

The dispute was because Lawrence Murphy opened a store in Lincoln County and decided to sell it to James Dolan and John Riley and Alexander McSween had conflicted interests with Murphy and Dolan because he planned to open a new store with his partner John Tunstall. The dispute was because Las Gorras Blancas wanted to get rid of barbed wire fences and the underlying logic and ideology that fueled the commercial and industrial transformation of New Mexico. List at least 3 examples of violence that took place.

1. The murder of John Tunstall
2. The murder of McCloskey
3. Billy Matthews shot both Billy the Kid and Jim French in the legs 1.
What was the result, if any of these conflict

Respond to these questions below. Be sure to use the ACE method (Answer the question, Cite example, Explain and elaborate on your position) when responding. I will expect to see detail and specific examples from your readings.

1. In your opinion, which event is more violent and why? Explain.
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