Violence in Media

Topics: Media violence research, Violence, English-language films Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Professor Moore
21 February 2013
Violent media
In the written piece Violent Media is good for Children by Gerard Jones, clearly states the claim that is being said violent media is in fact a positive thing for children. The claim is both stated and implied in the first body paragraphs, when he says, “And so they were, But not because they preached lofty messages of benevolence. They were good for me because they were juvenile, And violent”(97). He states the claim in absolute terms multiple times throughout the passage. The author wants the reader to believe that violence in media is good for children because “When we try to protect our children from their own feelings and fantasies, we shelter them not against violence but against power and selfhood “(98). Gerald Jones defends the Hulk, the comics and film character, who helped him not being afraid of “… desires and the world’s disapproval”; a young teen learned to gain self- esteem by being “unhesitating and effective in action” (97). There are much opposition to this argument and he states many like, gun violence in schools, and raising children to think violence is acceptable for any circumstance. Gerard Jones states in the passage that he believes the claim be closing out a paragraph by saying, “We act as though our highest priority is to prevent our children from growing up into murderous thugs -- but modern kids are far more likely to grow up too passive, too distrustful of themselves, too easily manipulated” (98). It is clearly stated evidence that he is has strong value toward the claim and make it clear for the reader to agree or disagree and is able to see the supportive evidence. I like this article a lot actually and find it very convincing, because of all the different reasons that Gerard jones describes his side of the argument. And I agree 100 perscent with him and feel his points are exactly why I loved cartoons with violence and justice like batman and the hulk....
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