Violence in Mass Media

Topics: Aggression, Violence, Television Pages: 4 (1424 words) Published: November 8, 2010
A Paper’s Journey
A human’s brain is like a blank piece of paper. A newborn baby’s blank piece of paper will be filled with nothing but the scent of freshness from the package it just left. As the paper goes through years of experience, knowledge will be recorded and once the information stamped up the whole page, others will be neglected, despite it being right or wrong. Young generations of the 21st century are being exposed to violence at a very young age through the mass media and those images will engrave a permanent mark on the pieces of white paper. A relation between media violence and aggressive behaviors is present . Showering kids with violent contents increases the likelihood that they will be involved in a physical aggression.

The violence in video games are increasing tremendously because it is simply what sales and that’s the reason why competing companies are adding and adding aggressive movements to lure more customers. And it works, teenager are spending their savings to get the latest releases of their favorite past time “hobby.” As they spend their nights and days trying to defeat and become the ultimate winner, the killing and bloody gorge in the games are revolving again and again on the darkening pieces of paper. Scientists and researchers from the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis proved that in among the violent-game players “a part of the brain called the frontal lobe was less active. The frontal love helps us stop ourselves from hitting, kicking, and performing other aggressive acts”(Sohn). Even though immediate affects are shown, violence in mass media can leads to increases of aggressiveness over time. “Youth learn new forms of aggressive behaviors by observing them, and will reenact them almost immediately afterwards if the situational context is sufficiently similar”(Anderson). By being able to see all these kind of new methods on how to hurt people, young adults will have a larger selection of many...

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