Violence in Mass Media

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Violence in Mass Media

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Violence in Television4
Adolescences and Violence in Television4
Adults and Violence in Television5
Police Crime Programs5
Reality Crime Shows5
Sports Programs5
Selling Violence6
Video games6
Violence effects in Video games6

Nowadays it is noticeable that the word violence is associated to mass media which lead us to think about its effects towards the audience & the community. Day after day the appearances of the violence in the media made it a normal thing to see. In this project the researcher is trying to illustrate the meaning of the media violence, the reason of the violence in the media & if it has a behavioral influence. (Carter & Weaver, 2003) Video games are widely known as an excellent source of entertainment for many youth. Unfortunately, most of today’s widespread video games contain violence, which leads parents and responsible adults to concerns the possible negative effects that could be caused by playing such violence games that has on behavior. (Vessy, Judith A, Lee & joane E., 2000)

Violence in Television
Television violence became a concern of many people and there was a lot of debate about the main purpose of the mass media organizations from it; is it to entertain the audience or is it to manipulate them so they believe what they want them to believe. (Hamilton, 2003) The One thing that we all must worry about is that television does not require specific skills such as reading and writing which mean anyone can access the TV. In addition, contrasting the cinema, TV does not have an age limit to its audience, so it is available to anyone at any time. (Carter & Weaver, 2003) Furthermore, the main targeted audiences of the violence are the adults specially the male adults between the ages of 18 to 34, while the children are not targeted. Despite the fact that the children are not targeted it was sadly discovered that the television violence has reached some kids programs and cartoons. (Hamilton, 2003) Adolescences and Violence in Television

Adolescences refer to children from the age of 3 to the age of 17. In this age, usually children and young people start to form their personality, their behavior & learn about the basic value and traditions. Recent studies showed that adolescences that are exposed to too much television violence are most likely to have a disturbed behavior in the future. In addition the researchers of the U.S have revealed that there is lots of violence in the kid’s cartoons than the adults programs have. It is noted that cartoons connect violence to brave acts as well as to hilarious acts which makes the kids think that these are an acceptable acts. (Carter & Weaver, 2003) Adults and Violence in Television

On the other hand, Violence in Television can be seen more in the adults Television programs. Since adults are responsible of their own desires, Television programs are not restricted about what to broadcast to them. That’s why; we can see the violence in the police crime program, reality crime shows, sports program and news broadcast. Police Crime Programs

Due to their environment of work police crime dramas & shows are full of violence. As the actresses are trying to imitate what happen in real life they hold guns and use violence to solve the problem. At the beginning of the shows the violence was not intensive, but day after day it was clear that the police dramas and shows depend on the violence to sell it product. (Carter & Weaver, 2003) Reality Crime Shows

The reality crime shows allows the audience to view the actual portrayal of...

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