Violence and Meida

Topics: Pokémon, Display device, Aggression Pages: 2 (350 words) Published: October 14, 2014
Media and Violence
One of the more violent popular cartoons that is viewed by children on television is Pokemon. Pokemon is a Japanese cartoon television series in which a young boy by the name of Ash, seeks to become a Pokemon master at the age of ten years old. The show displays his journey to become a pokemon master depicting him fighting and catching various pokemon. In order to catch pokemon he must defeat the pokemon by fighting the pokemon he has already caught against the one he is seeking. This cartoon depicts the pokemon fighting harshly against one another, and when caught they are kept within a pokeball and are released when called upon.

Within the cartoon violence is portrayed as a way of survival or showing the strength of one pokemon from another. Violence is not portrayed negatively at all within this cartoon series. Violence is almost second nature within the cartoon as the pokemons purpose are to display their powers they possess within. Ultimately violence is rewarded because it shows the overall strength a pokemon has, in result this shows the pokemons worth to other masters.

With violence and strength glamorize within this cartoon it gives children the idea that violence is the way to show ones worth, or show how on is better than another. Several children see fighting and violence through cartoons as the only indicator that displays worth in comparison to other children. With the result of this some children may try to establish themselves as superior through fighting and violence reenacting what they see on television through violent cartoons. Television is a learning tool and with children being exposed to violent cartoons such as Pokemon they learn that violence is a way of showing strength, and superiority.

In closing, the show Pokemon is an aggressive violent cartoon that depicts violence positively instead of negatively. With children viewing this program they are exposed to violence with no consequence displayed within the...
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