Violence against women

Topics: Domestic violence, Violence, Violence against women Pages: 2 (916 words) Published: November 3, 2014

Violence against women is not okay in today’s society!
“Be a confident and strong woman” they say. “No one is going to hurt you!” they say. Well “they” were wrong. Firstly, Women's rights are not fully protected in Australia and Violence against women is a significant human rights issue and not acceptable. There are many causes for violence against women, however it often originates from a sense of entitlement which is often supported by sexist, racist, homophobic and other discriminatory attitudes. Violence obviously has a serious traumatic psychological, emotional and physical effect on women and often results in them feeling isolated and increasingly vulnerable. Thankfully there are programs within Australia that are completely opposed to violence against women and provide as much support, guidance and shelter as possible. All women have a right to safety in homes, schools, at work and on the streets. Whether in the home or elsewhere, physical or psychological violence against women is something that can happen to any woman, regardless of her age, ethnicity or wealth and it is certainly not an issue that should be ignored. They don’t ask for it, nor do they deserve it. Family violence is strongly against the law. I strongly believe that everyone has the right to be treated with respect and to live free from fear. But unfortunately this is not the case in society. Violence against women is certainly a serious, widespread problem in our society. Everyone including myself knows nobody has the right to abuse women or control them. High rates of violence against women remain a major issue, with almost one-in-three Australian women experiencing physical violence and almost one-in-five women experiencing sexual violence in their lifetime. I strongly believe that everyone, no matter age, gender or race, has every right to be free from fear and most importantly physical and psychological harm. Since women experience the most traumatic and harmful violence in...
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