Violence Against women

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A Case Study on

Violence against Women

Presented on February 14 and 16, 2012
SY 2011-2012

I. Introduction

“There is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Jesus Christ”. (Gal. 3:28) The message for equality is very clear. But why do victims of rape, trafficking of women and girls, battered housewives, forced prostitution, forced pregnancy exist? This phenomenon, violence against women, which has previously regarded as rare or non – existent, was given focal attention as its incidence all over the world became very alarming. Violence against women is a manifestation of historically unequal power relations between men and women, which have led to domination over discrimination against women by men and to the prevention of the full advancement of women. Violence against women and girls continues to be a global epidemic that kills, tortures and hurts physically, psychologically, sexually and economically. It is happening all over the world where equality, dignity and right to enjoy fundamental freedom are not granted to women and girls.

The basic premise of this study is that when the very core of women’s being is battered, raped, or harassed everyday, development of a country is impossible (Utne Reader, Nov.-Dec. 1989). What for is progress if the girls and female babies are being sexually abused and violated almost everyday as reflected in the rising statistics on rape and incest (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 31 March 1995). This study is a recognition that, “women’s status is critical to achieving a social goal.”1

Overarching this goal of development is the need for women’s empowerment. Empowerment is a process of believing in oneself; that a woman can decide and effect changes in her life as well as in her society.1 In this case study, we focused on the violence against women in the Philippine context. The study dealt more on cases involving a man as the abuser since they compose most of the women abusers. We want to know how to combat against this violence. There is no question about the morality of this act. It is really immoral. But why these kinds of violence exist? To have a deeper look at violence against women, we invited a practitioner in this field to discuss about this topic. Furthermore, cases about violence against women that are recently happening in the Philippines as well as some other countries will be presented. Subsequently, analysis of the case will be given. 1 Gender Violence: Its Socio-Cultural Dimensions

Main Objectives

1. State every women’s right in the society
2. Understand the position of women in the society
3. Clearly define the scope of violence against women
4. Discover and reveal common causes of abuses to women and it effect to them 5. Integrate bible verses in the analysis of the case


A discussion about violence against women is mostly based on the Philippine setting for readers to be able to relate and see the importance of such information. The time and financial capacity of the researchers were also considered.

The researchers accumulated sufficient information through research having both internet and books as its source. Video clips were also used for a better understanding of different cases and to have real view of experiences of some women violated by their partner. Guest speaker, SPO4 Lacandula was also invited for a forum to discuss more the laws protecting women, Republic Act 9262.

II. Review of Related Literature

Women in the Society
Women constitute half of the population of the Philippines. This potential manpower, if properly harnessed, can contribute significantly to development. Considering that women’s role has been generally regarded as that of homemaker and mother, their sphere of influence is further enhanced since the effects of developmental efforts on women would naturally affect children and youth.2

The distressing...

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