Violence Against Women

Topics: Domestic violence, Rape, War rape, Violence, Violence against women, War / Pages: 11 (2568 words) / Published: Sep 6th, 2013
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Violence against women is the specialized term used to allude to the vicious deeds that are for the most part or totally against ladies. Savagery against ladies is a term that is comparative to contempt censurability. Same as hate criminality, it is well planned, and an only a particular group is targeted i.e. women. It was stated in 1993 speech on violence against women that assaulters of both genders can commit this violence. Adding to it, even family members and the “state” itself could commit the violence. It has been studied extensively that women have been targeted as the major victims to violence in the form of rapes, domestic offenses, victims in war etc. There is a history of violence acts committed against women over a long period of time since they are regarded as weak and low members of the society, and men have been held in power and authority. Men have been made to victimize women and exercise their powers by assaulting women. This assault has majorly affected the health of the women in various ways. The following paper is an approach to discussing the issue in detail.

Table of Contents
Abstract i
Introduction 1
Discussion 1 History of Violence against women 1 Rape 2 Domestic Violence 4 Mob violence 5 War and militarism 6 Violence in empowerment systems 7
Conclusion 8
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Violence against the Women in term of its impact on Women health


Historians believe that the history of violence against women is as old as women being treated as a property of men. It is said that violence against women started on the day when the female gender was considered something that should be obedient to men and other women. Women are always held in low power, and men have exercised control and authority over them for centuries that have gone by, and the situation shall remain the same for centuries to come, if

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