violation of media ethics

Topics: Government, Mass media, Development aid Pages: 2 (351 words) Published: December 31, 2013
Lack of relief works in quake-hit areas

The relief work seems insufficient in the earthquake-affected areas as the victims sit in the sun with no medical aid and food. They are seen giving support to themselves on their own side while some are compelled to leave the area and go to safer places such as Khuzdar or Turbat city in for treatment and other relief.

The announcement of aids and relief on the part of government is often heard in the electronic and print media but practically no satisfactory releif work is seen. The military also is heard of giving shelter and medical support to the affectees but the affectees are more worried of being picked up than provided any aid by them as yesterday (29 Sept.) three residents of Mashkay of Awaran district were abducted reportedly by Frontier Corps (FC) namely Sarwer s/o Shermahammad, Habeeb s/o Dhray and Munir s/o Hudadath. Their whereabouts is yet unknown.

The cease of foreign aid by the government is also surprising as such a gigantic damage can’t be overcome by some private and governmental agencies.

Continuous allegations on insurgents by forces that they stand as barrier to the relief work seems a propaganda as they (insurgents) are more active in making makeshifts and provinding treatment to the affectees through local vlunteers than those who are advertising their unseen efforts on media. The insurgents only demand that military should give a chance to other private organizations to provide relief and treatment than they themselves with loads of guns and weapons that the locals often fear from. Due to the past record of military in the area in shape of abduction or military operatios, the locals are fearful of them.

It is also logical if the locals of the area feel more comfortable with the civil organizations in helping them then why is military seen imposing its role forcibly?

The people need help not advertisements in the media by the government and forces with guns in the name of...
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