Vincent Van Gogh's the Olive Trees and Gustav Klimt's the Park

Topics: Vincent van Gogh, Expressionism, Perception Pages: 2 (785 words) Published: October 9, 2006
In the Museum of Modern Art, many paintings are illustrations of nature portrayed in different ways. Vincent van Gogh's The Olive Trees and Gustav Klimt's The Park are clear examples of this. The Olive Trees, painted in 1889, and The Park, painted in about 1910 or earlier, are both from the Post-Impressionist movement, this explaining why they are painted in a realistic manner. The paintings of Gustav Klimt and Vincent van Gogh both illustrate the trees and nature and are oil on canvas, but in contrasting ways, one shows nature as "calm and still" while the other portrays nature as "vibrant and vigorous."

In The Olive Trees and The Park, the trees are the main focal points of the paintings. The difference in distinguishing the main focal point for both paintings is that in The Olive Trees one can tell that the trees are the main focal point because it is at the center of the painting and because it is at the fore ground of the painting, while in The Park the trees take up the entire canvas obviously showing its importance in the painting. The use of color is essential in creating the realism of the trees. In both paintings the same hues are used but different shades. Fore example, the leaves on the trees both include different shades of green and in The Olive Trees, the background of the sky and hills use different shades of blue. The color schemes are a crucial part in displaying the natural look and also the technique of the artist.

Vincent van Gogh and Gustav Klimt's use of color in their techniques are completely different in both paintings. Vincent van Gogh paints using the technique of dashing and creating a swirl look using different shades of the same hue. This dashing of the different shades of the same color creates unity as well as variety; unity because it is the same hue and variety because it is different shades of the same hue. More importantly, Vincent van Gogh's use of color along with his technique creates a nature that is...
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