Vincent Turley Autobiography

Topics: High school, Graduation, Family Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Vincent Turley
Vincent Turley’s Auto Biography

My name is Vincent Turley, I was born on August 15th, 1989 in Plant city Florida. My mother Kaleena, raised me with the help of my grandmother till I was about one years old. Around the time I was getting ready to turn one my mother met Kelly; my step dad; who I grew to know as my real father. Even though it was rough for my mother and father to raise me at such the young age of 20, they put forth their best effort. My mother joined the Air Force and my father joined the Army to provide stable financial support. For the next few years we had the pleasure of living in Washington state, Germany, and Holland. Eventually we moved back to Florida where I attended first grade at Lopez Elementary. After being away from the United States for so long and learning how to speak German, I had a hard time adjusting back to the English language which unfortunately lead to me having to repeat the first grade. I aquatinted myself a new set of classmates which I eventually grew close to. After attending Lopez Elementary, my parents enrolled me in the newly built Burnett Middle School. I deeply enjoyed going to school with all my friends every day and learning something new every day. Within no time, three years rolled by and it was time for me to enter my high school years. During the summer of going into the 9th grade I met the girl of my dreams named Ashlen Crum. Through those next four exhilarating years I struggled to find a balance in maintaining my grades, a serious relationship, a job, and playing football. Unfortunately in my junior year I had to drop football because my grades were slacking. My senior year I buckled down and pushed myself as hard as I could in order to bring my GPA up to the required standard to graduate. In June of 2008 I walked across the stage and received my high school diploma.

Eight months after graduating high school my life took a huge leap. I decided to join the U.S. Army in...
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