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My Science Experiment!

The experiment is to take 4 Vinca plants, which are about the same size, health, and flowering stages and find out which one will grow the best. Each of the plants will have 75 ml of a liquid daily for 10 days. My Grandma bought them from Lowes on September 20, 2011 for me.

Breakdown of the plants are as follows:

Control plant will get tap water.
Plant A will get Milk from the refrigerator.
Plant B will get Lou Ana Pure Vegetable Oil.
Plant C will get sweet tea. We made up a pitcher just for the experiment, so that it is the same every day.

Every day for 10 days put in 75 ml of liquid of a specific liquid into each plant and see which one will grow the best.

I think the one with milk is going to grow best of the three, not including the control. Milk is good for the body and I think it could also be good for plants.


Day Before The Experiment Began:
Mom got the plants for me from Lowes the day before so they were fresh. Also will need 4 stryofoam plates, 4 equal size containers for the liquids, masking tape, permanent markers, camera, and ruler. 1.Take the plants to area they are going to be entire time. For me it was the covered lanai in the back of our house. 2.Put Styrofoam plates and place one under each plant – prevents cross contamination and keeps the table clean. 3.Get roll of masking tape and a permanent marker.

4.Cut tape into 4 equal strips.
5.Mark each strip with name and put on plant.
6.Collect the four containers for the liquids.
7.Put in 1st container water from the tap and put lid on it. In 2nd container, poured in 4 cups of milk, in 3rd container made up sweet tea and poured in 4 cups, and in final container poured in 4 cups of vegetable oil. Water and oil containers remained on the counter, and the milk and tea containers were in the refrigerator.

Day Of The Experiment:
I decided to measure and water my plants before school in the morning and early on the weekends. 1.Day one, I then took pictures of each plant.
2.Then I measured each plant and wrote down the sizes in my journal. 3.With a measuring cup, I measure out 75ml (1/3C) of each liquid and pour it into the proper plant. I rinse out the glass cup in between each type of liquid. 4.I jot down observations on the plants each day in a journal. 5.I also look at the newspaper to be accurate on the temperatures for the day before and note it in the journal, along with any weather (like rain, clouds, etc). 6.Repeat steps 1 thru 3 for the next 10 days. 

September 21, 2011Day 1 of the Experiment:


All four plants are new, very healthy and have many flowers in different stages of opening. Plants are in original container with Styrofoam plates under them so there is no cross contamination. Plants are in the covered porch area to keep from getting wet from any rain so they will not be contaminated by rain water. Get sun all afternoon. We took pictures and measurements of plants, as seen below.

Control Plant – Water9” tall
Plant A – Milk9 ½” tall
Plant B – Oil8 ¾” tall
Plant C – Sweet Tea8” tall

Very Sunny!

September 22, 2011Day 2 of the Experiment:

All plants are the same height as yesterday. All still look very healthy. The water, sweet tea and milk plant were dry on the bottom today – oil was very wet. It had a good pool on plate. Flowers still look good on all. It was very sunny in the morning, warm and had a lot of rain in the afternoon.
Control Plant – Water9 ½” ” tall
Plant A – Milk9 ½” tall
Plant B – Oil8 ¾” tall
Plant C – Sweet Tea8” tall


September 23, 2011Day 3 of the Experiment:

All plants are the same height as yesterday. All still...
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