Vimy Ridge Memorial Essay

Topics: United States, Canada, Economics, World War II, International trade, Free trade / Pages: 3 (593 words) / Published: Nov 1st, 2015
The Vimy Ridge Memorial is a significant artifact commemorating Canada’s most celebrated military victory (the Battle of Vimy Ridge) that exemplifies Canada’s development as a nation. In France, at the dawn of April 9, 1917, the Canadian troops (35,000 men) attacked the Ridge. It took three days of heavy combat and injured /or killed more than 10,000 Canadian men. The British attack to the south was met with defeat; the only troops to emerge victorious were the Canadians ( Although, the duration of this battle was only three days, over the course of these days, Canada undoubtedly benefited from it. Primarily, after the Battle of Vimy Ridge, Canadian soldiers were perceived as ruthless, slaughtering machines (Scully). …show more content…
This is a sign that Canada will eventually leave the empire because the Battle of Vimy Ridge proved to Canada that they can and will find a way to become successful. This is really like when a student finishes university, and acquires a job. When this student begins to collect their paychecks, and save up, it is a sign that they will eventually depart from their original home, “Mother Country”, and construct a life of their own; prepared to face the challenges of the world. This is why Sir Robert Borden introduced Conscription, and various other laws/acts in Canada to prove to every other country that Canada can support/sustain itself (Scully); Canada’s public debt in 1914 was three hundred million dollars, and by 1918, it escalated to one billion, one hundred seventy-five million dollars (Brown 45). When Vimy Ridge was captured solely by Canadians, Borden knew that this was the first of many steps that would lead Canada to success. In conclusion, the Vimy Ridge Memorial commemorates Canada’s victory in the Battle of Vimy Ridge, and foreshadows their success economically, politically and

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