Villains: Good or Bad?

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Villains: Good or Bad?
A villain is a person, character, or thing that is an antagonist who has a negative effect on people. Many people see villains in one way: bad. When referring to a villain, people imagine a big, bad beast that only commits acts of crime to be greedy or mischievous, when in reality, some villains may be taught that bad things were good or the villain may have a backstory that provides a reason on why he or she commits acts of crime. If people would not anticipate what a villain is and look at a reason behind the act then villains could be categorized into the different types of villains that they truly are, such as, unintentional villains, celebrity seeking villains, silent villains, or misunderstood villains. If all villains were looked at in different ways their wrong doings may be either justified or sympathized. One type of villain could possibly be an unintentional villain. An unintentional villain is a villain that is taught that bad things are good throughout their whole life, so the villain is somewhat brainwashed into thinking this way, which could lead to the villain hurting someone or something and thinking that it is not going to affect the in any way. Another reason a villain could be considered unintentional would be that he or she may have gotten caught in the middle of a situation unknowingly and was on the bad side of the situation instead of the good, but didn’t know it. This could cause the villain to possibly do something that he or she thinks is helping to fix the circumstances, when in reality they are actually making the circumstances worse. Unfamiliarity with a certain culture could also lead to an unintentional villain because in some cultures they believe in different punishments, rewards, and justices. This could lead to the villain helping who he thinks is the innocent one in a crime when in that culture they believe that that person is a criminal. Many villains could be considered unintentional because they...

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