Village Volvo Case Study

Topics: Customer service, Supply and demand, Good Pages: 4 (1060 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Case Study #2.1|
MGT 3121 CTRA Group #13|

1. Describe Village Volvo’s Service Package.
Supporting Facility: Village Volvo occupies a new Butler building that has four work bays in addition to an office, waiting, area, and storage room. Facilitating good: A television set, comfortable chairs, coffee, a soft-drink vending machine, magazines, and the local newspaper Information: The mechanic who will be working on the vehicle and the client discuss the problems the client has noticed. Another source of information for the mechanic is the Custom Care Vehicle Dossier. Village Volvo maintains a continuing file on each vehicle it services. The service manager gives the vehicle owner an estimate of the cost and the approximate time when the repair will be completed if no unexpected problems arise. Explicit services: To provide quality repair service, notify the customer when the vehicle is ready for pickup. Implicit services : Set specific time for people for tune-up and oil change,

2. How are the distinctive characteristics of a service firm illustrated by Village Volvo? A. Customer Participation:

Village Volvo has designed their waiting room--the area clients perceive and interact with the most during “drop-in” times—in a fashion that provides as much comfort as possible by including a television set, chairs, coffee, a soft-drinking vending machine, magazines, and the local newspapers. The firm acknowledges the customer participation component of the service, and has taken the task to accommodate the clients. Furthermore, also in regards to customer participation, customers play an active role in the service by interacting with the mechanic to discuss the problems they are having with their vehicle. Additionally, they have the option to take a short test drive with the mechanic to have said issues elucidated.

B. Simultaneity:

The act of auto repairing represents a service that is both “created” and “consumed” simultaneously,...
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