Village Volvo

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Village Volvo
Village Volvo’s service package is described as including supporting facility, facilitating goods, providing information, providing explicit and implicit services. First, they support facilities by occupying a new Butler building with four work bays, an office, waiting area and storage room. The shop was originally built in suburban area. Second they facilitate goods by building is not conveniently located in an area for most of their customers. So Village Volvo provides a daily shuttle service two to three times a day, because there is no other alternative means for transportation available in the area. They have a very nice waiting room. It is accompanied with comfortable chairs, coffee, a TV, magazines and vending machines. Clients mainly use the waiting room during down times. They provide information through custom care vehicle dossier used in every vehicle. Both explicit and implicit services is provide through quality repair on Volvos not cover under warranty for an affordable cost, also they provide extra comfort through test drives to insure the proper diagnosis. How are the distinctive characteristics of a service firm illustrated by Village Volvo? Their distinctive characteristic of a service firm involves providing with customer comfort. They also instill trust and respect based on quality work. Village Volvo’s nature of the service act is tangible actions directed at the customer’s vehicle. They have a relationship with customers involves direct contact, mainly in person. Characterize Village Volvo in Regard to the nature of the service act, the relationship with customers, customization and judgment, the nature of demand and supply, and method of service delivery. In regards to nature of service, Village Volvo enhances their service with customer participation. The relationship with customers is based on high contact with customer. Village Volvo customization and judgment is characterize to be very high. The nature of demand...
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